Audiology Testing

Dr. Shinhar provides full audiology testing done onsite and on demand by his staff of Certified Audiologists. These comprehensive hearing tests are an important service that many Ear, Nose and Throat doctors do not have available to their patients and referring physicians. This is particularly important for Pediatric ENTs because  if a child fails his hearing test at school or the pediatrician office, or if parents have any concern regarding hearing or if there is any speech delay or problems, they should have a formal comprehensive hearing evaluation such as that performed here at Dr. Shinhar’s office.

As an integral part of a full and comprehensive ENT evaluation, Dr. Shinhar performs a complete evaluation of every child’s hearing. The testing is performed by his team of certified Audiologists, in a full size Audiology booth. Only a few ENT physicians can offer this service on site and on demand. It allows our team to provide families with instant answers to any concerns regarding hearing or speech. Performing a comprehensive hearing test is cruical particularly in cases of:
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Fluid in the ears
  • Suspected hearing loss
  • Speech delays
  • Ear anomalies
  • Failed hearing test at birth or at school or the pediatrician’s office
  • Developemental delays
However, it is always recommended to test any child’s hearing at least once to obtain baseline levels of hearing.
Audiology testing in Dr’ Shinhar’s office is done on site and immediately during your child’s visit, and he discusses the result with the family right after the test. The testing includes:
  • Pure Tone Testing: a compllete evaluation of the child’s ability to hear tones at different frequencies and intensities
  • Speech Reception and Discrimination: a child’s ability to hear and understand speech
  • Tympanogram: a test of ear pressure, which determines the presence of ear fluid
  • Otoacoustic Emission; an objective test oh hearing, particularly important in babies who still cannot comply with a standard hearing test
  • Ear Reflexes: testing the mobility of middle ear bones
The test takes about 15 minutes to complete and results are reported immediately and discussed with the doctor